There is no doubt that "Maria Lampo" is one of the first shops to open in Positano, when it was still a fisherman's village, after the World War II. Although the post-war economical situation was not rose-colored, Alfonso and Maria displayed a sign reading "MADE TO MEASURE TROUSERS" at the entrance of their small shop. The clients, curious by the sign, would enter the shop, and after their measures taken, would ask how long it would take to get their trousers. The answer was surprising: "Go now to have a swim and on your way back, in a couple of hours, they'll be ready!" Although not really convinced, the clients would go to the beach and come back in two hours to find their trousers ready waiting for them, perfectly tailored to the point to make them exclaim: "Maria, you are as speedy as a lightning (lampo)!!" It is from this exclamation that the shop has taken its name; everything has started with those fabulous trousers and continued uninterruptedly in time for more than fifty years.
In these fifty years, the fashion has undergone many changes with its booms and clamorous
returns to the past, during which Maria Lampo has always known to keep the pace, to be in me forefront and always ready to offer high-quality, trendy clothes to dress children, teenagers and ladies of all ages, without forgetting the men's fashion.
From bright colors and lively patterns of viscose to colorful cotton bandannas, from linen to
gauze, the large variety of items offered are bound to satisfy any taste.

When you visit the
shop, it is impossible not being impressed by the multitude of colors and various particular designs which make the
 shop so unique in its genre, with a world-famous, breathtaking
Positano scenery at the background.

Dustin Hoffnan, COLIN FARRELL, Massimo D'Apporto, Mara Venier, Gerry Scotti e Renzo Arbore are only a
few of the many famous regular customers of the shop.

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